23 January 2015

5 Weekend Getaways From Singapore to Pamper You

'Once a year Go someplace you have never been before '
    - Dalai Lama

Travel is not just for the heart or mind, its for the soul. Its refreshing, rejuvenating  and incredibly therapeutic. In today's fast paced world, life can get stressful and overwhelming which is why its necessary to unwind once in a while. Rediscover your mojo and break the monotony of daily life. Indulge your senses in these idyllic beach getaways all located a few hours away from Singapore. The best part of it all? No need to take a flight! Simply hop on a ferry and find yourself in a tropical paradise.
Relax and Rediscover .

1. Telunas Private Island

Located just over 3 hours from Singapore, Telunas Private island offers the ultimate escape from the hustle bustle of  city life. Experience tranquility as you witness a golden sunset cascading over the ocean in this eco friendly tropical paradise.  Sample an array of seafood delicacies and try your hand at cooking the local Indonesian cuisine. With only 15 sea villas, you are guaranteed utmost privacy to relax and unwind. 
How to reach Telunas - Take a ferry to Batam and an onward domestic transfer to Telunas. The private island is 1.5 hours from Batam with a total travel time of over 3 hours from Singapore.

Telunas Private Island - Courtesy Official Website

2. Nikoi Island

Think crystal clear azure waters, think white sand beaches, think Nikoi! A scenic beach getaway that will make you think that you are somewhere in the Maldives without shelling out the extra moolah. Located just 2.5 hours away from Singapore, this unspoilt  paradise is often regarded as the most beautiful island along the coast. Its pristine waters provide ample opportunities to experience the vibrant aquatic life and the coral reefs. Lie on the beach under the vast blue sky and witness the beauty of the south china sea.
How to reach Nikoi - Take a ferry to Bintan and an onward domestic car and boat transfer to Nikoi. The total travel time from the Tanah Merah ferry Terminal in Singapore is approximately 2 and a half hours.

Nikoi Island

3. Palau Tengah - Batu Batu

Home to crystalline turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches,  Palau Tengah is an exotic tropical paradise off the coast of Malaysia . As the only resort on this island, Batu Batu promises total seclusion from the city life . Wake up to the sound of waves gently lapping up on the shore and drink in the picturesque views of the south China sea . This largely uninhabited island is home to vibrant marine life and white sandy groves. In short, its the perfect indulgence.
How to reach Batu Batu - Drive from Singapore to Mersing (Approximately 3 hours) and take a private speedboat transfer to Batu Batu (20 minutes in good weather).
Batu Batu Resort - Palau Tengah

4.  Rawa Island

Vivid hues of blue and green greet you as you step off the boat to enter  this idyllic paradise . Nested among the swaying Coconut groves and sandy beaches, Rawa  is another tropical island off the coast of Malaysia. Located just 20 minutes by speedboat from Mersing, Rawa also offers white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The Rawa island resort has 77 rooms which remains in high demand by the city dwellers looking for a scenic getaway.
How to reach Rawa Island - Drive from Singapore to Mersing (Approximately 3 hours) and take a  speedboat transfer to Rawa Island (20 minutes in good weather).
Rawa Island - Flickr

5. Joyo Island

Looking to fulfil your castaway fantasy? Head to Joyo Island, a private island located off the coast of Indonesia. With  6 beach palaces made of salvaged driftwood , the rustic feel is hard is miss. Walk barefoot on the white sand beach and witness an amber sunset over the horizon. This is as surreal as it gets.
How to reach Joyo Island - Take a ferry from Singapore (Tanah Merah) to Tanjung Pinang and a domestic transfer to joyo island .

Joyo Island

Time to pack those bags ! :)

Where's your next getaway?

A walk on the east coast

A few weeks back, I was walking my dogs along the east coast of Singapore when I saw a complete change of scenery! While Singapore doesn't have seasons, I did see a glimpse of fall. Dry leaves and flowers in vibrant hues were gently falling from the trees to cover the earth in a myriad of scintillating colors. As the rays of the morning sun seeped through the trees, it glittered in an array of gold and amber .
What a sight to behold during a random morning walk :)

10 January 2015

Maternity Photoshoot with Orange Studios in Singapore

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great start to the new year :)

2014 was an incredible year for us as we welcomed our little baby boy Neil into this world.

 To celebrate this moment and to showcase our happiness, we decided to get a maternity photoshoot done. I had looked over the internet and found some whimsical and dreamy photo-shoots where the pregnant mamas basked in the sunlight in the great outdoors . These pictures, taken by professional photographers were not only stunning, but were a reminder of how beautiful the entire experience was. After all, there is nothing more magical, than having a little life growing inside of you.

So, during this time, I started researching online and finalized Orange Studios. Ryan, the photographer from Orange studios was friendly, warm and had ample experience in doing maternity shoots. Once the photoshoot was confirmed, we were given a choice of three locations and decided to go with the Singapore Botanic Gardens .

Here are some of the pictures from the photo-shoot that was done during my 8th month :

I wanted to attain a whimsical look for the photo-shoot and hence chose lace and florals.
On the day of the photoshoot , I confessed that I would require some help as I was extremely shy of posing in a public place with strangers looking at me. Ryan was extremely helpful and told me to ignore the glances I would get . After all, I wouldn't be seeing these people again! So, despite the initial hesitation, I felt very comfortable and posed away :)

The Singapore Botanic gardens turned out to be the perfect venue for the photoshoot. The green foliage and the lake looked perfect in the background.
I love going through these pictures and reminiscing the time I carried my little boy. Pregnancy was an enjoyable experience and I am glad to have these pictures to remember those special moments.